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The Light Giver

& Other Stories to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children


 The Light Giver Stories Workbook

     Do you remember being a child and having a teacher, parent or grandparent read you a story? Or maybe like me, your parents and grandparents shared stories with you about their life and upbringing. Children love listening to stories and being absorbed in the journey of the characters. As a teacher, I realized that storytelling was one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to reach children, so, I began incorporating more of it into my teaching day, including occasionally sharing some of my own personal stories with them. It was a gamechanger. I knew this was one of the best ways to spark conversations with kids on social and emotional topics and to teach about character. And that's how the Light Giver books came to fruition.

     The Light Giver and Other Stories to Raise Emotionally Heathy Children, is a collection of twenty-two beautifully illustrated children’s stories that help promote Social and Emotional Learning and Character Development. Each story addresses one core value, or life lesson, but touches upon others as well. They can be read to children as young as five and enjoyed by kids up to the age of twelve. The majority of the stories center on children, and address difficulties and real-life challenges they face. Discussion questions and a helpful list of vocabulary words are included with each story. The Light Giver Stories Workbook, is a companion book that offers supplementary activities, lessons or discussions to further support the topics found in each story. Both were intentionally designed to be easy enough for anyone to use. In fact, the lessons and activities can be practically read to children verbatim and require very little or no preparation at all.

For a complete list of topics addressed in the stories & lessons, look below.

Please visit our Media/Videos Page to watch videos of the author sharing stories and lessons from both books.

Story Titles and Topics Addressed

1) "The Light-Giver"

Helping others when you can’t help yourself

2) "Gabriel's Journey"

Facing challenges & discouragement / Gaining a new perspective

3) "The Messenger"

Encouraging others/ Spreading good will anonymously

4) "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"

The power of words/ Self- Acceptance / Releasing negativity

5) "It's Your Choice"

Choosing and taking control of what you allow to affect you

6) "The Big, Ugly, Heavy Suitcase"

Setting yourself free of negativity and hurtful experiences

7) "The Race"

Listening to your conscious/ Dealing with guilt

8) "The Guilt Bugs"

Lying / How guilt affects you / The relief from confessing truth

9) "The What If Monster"

Fear of the unknown and of new experiences 

10) "Do It Afraid"

Facing the fear of rejection

11) "The Truth Behind Their Words"

Fear of being replaced by another/The secret pain hidden in words

12) "Let Your Light Shine"

Being your personal best/ Not being afraid to stand out

13) "Not Like Everybody Else"

Being unique/ Not comparing yourself to others

14) "A Person of Excellence"

Being a person of integrity/ being your personal best

15) “Eleni’s Disappointment”

Handling disappointment/ Honoring family responsibilities &

The rewards of doing the right thing


16) "Tommy's Bike"

Envy / Forgiveness / Goal setting/ Appreciating things

17) “Tuning into Your Truth”

Pre-conceived judgements/ Honoring truth & friendship & Wanting to belong

18) "Penny's Surprise"

Showing kindness and having it returned to you

19) "A Trip to the Senior Home"

Respect, appreciation & kindness to elders

20) "A Double Test of Patience"

Patience & it's rewards / Sacrifice & generosity to those in need

21) "Love Is a Way to Live"

Love is shown by the way you treat people / Service to others

22) “There’s Always Room for More”

Letting go of the guilt to love again after suffering a loss/ 

Opening your heart to new people & experiences