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Credentialed Reviews

     "This book is beautiful! I enjoyed each of the illustrations, but the messages are the most important parts of the book. It can be used as read-aloud to 3rd and 4th graders, and they certainly would be intrigued by each of the stories. I also see it as a book students would read in their beds at night before sleep and in dialogue with their parents. I particularly see it as a book grandparents would keep at their homes for times their grandchildren sleep over. I particularly like the workbook with its tangible activities to engage students in their thinking about the story, so they capture the true message and begin to engage in building the character traits portrayed in the stories. I think this book would be of much interest in schools where character education is a strong focus.

— Judith Nuss, Social and Emotional Learning Specialist, 

Rutgers University Instructor,  (SECD) certification program

     “Peggy Sideratos has done an amazing job with both works! The Light Giver by Peggy D. Sideratos encourages positive, social-emotional behavior through a variety of stories.  These tender and touching stories include characters that our young and adolescent students can relate to in today’s world.  Through her research and teaching experience, Peggy has shown a keen and sensitive insight into the social-emotional world, and the obstacles of everyday life, that our young children face today. Broken up into 8 parts, the stories reflect different life situations, whose lessons can lead to problem solving, caring and respect towards one another.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Peggy’s stories and highly recommend its use in our schools as part of a character education program. Her thoughtful activities in the Light Giver Workbook will definitely instill reflection for children when faced with certain situations in their lives. The activities are fun and creative and will inspire all involved to really think out their unique situations. Her explanation of each is very thorough and can be modified by teachers for their individual classes. I applaud her for the courage and drive needed to make this happen.”

—Deborah Giannuzzi,  Former Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Retired Principal, Adjunct Professor and Member of the Little Egg Harbor Board of Education in NJ

     “Peggy Sideratos has created a well-researched, beautifully written resource for teachers, parents and anyone working with children. She demonstrates with relatable stories and step by step tools in her workbook ways to facilitate emotional well-being as well as healthy interpersonal relationships. Both her children’s stories and workbook are resources that have come just in time in a world where the hard lessons and not so hard lessons in life are sometimes left for a child to learn without much guidance. It comes at a time where children are bombarded with social media pressures unknown to previous generations. Bravo, Peggy, for creating this beautiful and gentle set of books which I know will be an asset to anyone working with children and young teens. The Light Giver Stories and Workbook are a must read for parents, teachers, social workers and children alike.”

—Amelia Monis, Social Worker and Elementary School Teacher

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The Light Giver Stories Books


The Light Giver is an amazing tool to help our children learn patience, understanding, empathy, forgiveness and compassion. As the mother of two, I have watched my chilren struggle with these things. This book, and its wonderful thought provoking stories, would have helped the children (and me) to navigate through these trying times. The stories are thoughtfully written and send a clear message that these trying times are opportunities that help us grow to be stronger individuals. I especially loved “The Big, Ugly, Heavy Suitcase” which helps our children (and ourselves) understand how criticism and negativity can interfere with our self esteem, invade our happiness and create roadblocks in our relationships.                                                            M. Alex

A Beautiful Book & Wonderful Collection of Short Stories!

This is such an amazing book! I love the stories and I think they would be a valuable resource for parents, teachers, grandparents, and all those in contact with children and teens. Each short story provides a valuable lesson on how to handle certain situations in a positive way. I'm a mother of two children and I have started reading the book with my young daughter. We have had great discussions after reading a story, and she loves the character names and the illustrations of the book. I'm also a substitute teacher at a PreK-8th grade school. I plan to bring this to where I work and read some of the stories to my young students.

A Must Have Book!

I love this book!!! This is a lovely children's book with pretty illustrations and a great message for children. The stories are sweet, simple and easy to read.
Reading books to my children is my absolute favorite part of the day. I truly appreciated the beauty and sincerity of this wonderful book. Your family library is not complete without this gem. This is a story book I cherish and long to share with every other child I hold dear. You will NOT be disappointed with this book. Highly recommend!

 Great Resource for Parents and Teachers

I enjoyed reading the short stories in this book and I love to use it as a tool for raising my children. Now a days its hard to find a book that can help children relate to emotions they are going through but this book has a story for every feeling one may express. Thank you to the author for taking the time to provide parents and teachers with a tool to use with children of all ages. My personal favorite short story is "Love If a Way to Live", how a grandparent showed his grandson how he can live with love by making hard decisions and sacrificing to benefit others.

My daughter, Sophia, and I read the first story of the Light Giver this morning, and the tears just flowed. 😭The simplicity and wisdom in the story are so profound. My daughter said, ”Wow, Mom, we should follow this book.” ☺️Thank you for compiling all these stories into a book that can teach, inspire, and connect us all‼️ 💕😇

                                           Maryanne Storms

Invaluable Resource for Parents, Guardians, Teachers, and Care-givers!

The Light Giver Stories are an indispensable resource for addressing the healthy and comprehensive development of our children. This masterful collection contains stories that focus on issues affecting each and every one of us, presented in the context of everyday situations to which children can relate. Peggy D. Sideratos does a superb job in creating characters who navigate through obstacles and emerge stronger, wiser, and better equipped to handle life’s challenges. As both an educator and a mother of four, I can attest to the necessity of literature that sparks discussion between adults and children and fosters the strengthening of the social and emotional well-being of the young ones in our care. An entertaining, visually appealing, and thought-provoking life guide, The Light Giver Stories are a must-read for teachers, child-care workers, parents, parents-to-be, grandparents, guardians, children, and anyone who ever was a child! No bookshelf or library would be complete without this collection!

Absolutely Wonderful Work!

One of the most beautifully written children’s books I have ever read. Truly a brilliant work with its workbook accompaniment! This wonderful book helps children’s emotional intelligence and builds empathy, awareness and social learning techniques in an incredibly thoughtful way - and we are loving it. One of the best children’s books I’ve ever purchased. Highly recommended!

Absolutely wonderful work!

One of the most beautifully written children’s books I have ever read. Truly a brilliant work with its workbook accompaniment! This wonderful book helps children’s emotional intelligence and builds empathy, awareness and social learning techniques in an incredibly thoughtful way - and we are loving it. One of the best children’s books I’ve ever purchased. Highly recommended!

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