The Light Giver

Stories & Lessons to Help Raise Emotionally Healthy Children


                 By Teacher &

              Bestselling Author:

           Peggy D Sideratos

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Are you interested in raising children who possess good character traits like respect, honesty and integrity?


Do you want them to feel secure and confident enough to handle negative emotions like fear, disappointment and other challenges that come their way? 

What if there was a simple way to do this, that took only a few minutes of your time and could help children achieve greater academic success?

The Light Giver Stories Books are the resources you need to build children's emotional health and prepare them for a better future.






During my over fourteen years of experience as a teacher, I realized how beneficial it was to expose children to lessons on self-esteem and good character and to teach them coping strategies to handle topics like disappointment, anxiety and fear. These are all components of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL helps build kid’s self-confidence, foster empathy, and improve kid’s communication and decision-making skills.


I witnessed first-hand how my students thrived personally and academically after I addressed these skills. Their personal and peer relationships were healthier, their academic performance improved, and most importantly, there was an undeniable and noticeable inner contentment that developed. One of the most effective ways I found to teach children social emotional skills was through storytelling and shared experiences, but I often found it difficult to find written materials to support my efforts.

This led me to create The Light Giver Series.  The Light Giver and Other Stories to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children, is a collection of twenty-two children's stories that address a variety of social/ emotional topics. The Light Giver Stories Workbook is a series of follow up lessons and fun activities that cover the topics in more depth. This series was created to be an easy tool for parents and teachers to use at home or in the classroom and only requires a few minutes of your time.


The stories and lessons included in these books address issues like facing discouragement, fear, disappointment, envy and present helpful coping strategies. Others teach the tenets of good character as children learn about patience, kindness, compassion, and the personal fulfillment that comes through helping others. Also covered is the importance of striving to become your personal best without expecting perfection or competing with others. For additional information about the books, please visit the “About the Books”page. You will find the link below and on the top of this page.

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