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A Different Type of Humility

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Hello dear friends. I hope you are well, and that this October has started on a good note.

Today I want to talk to you about humility. Now I know that this may seem like an unusual topic to discuss, but I heard something last week that I had never considered and wanted to share. Usually when we think of humility, we think of the most common definitions of it - not looking at ourselves too highly. When we think of a person who is humble, we may say that person is not conceited, or is open to others’ ideas and not only their own. A humble person is one who is willing to serve others and accepts correction when wrong. These are all incredibly great qualities for all human beings to strive for. But I came across another way of looking at humility last week. “Humility is being kind and patient with a person who can’t perform a task as well or as quickly as you.” You see, we all have gifts and talents that come relatively easy for us and occasionally we can become impatient or judgmental with people who have a weakness in that area and can’t perform it as well or as quickly as us. Sometimes, as adults we are impatient with children who have not mastered something we have shown them several times, or we lose our patience with them if they are not doing something as quickly as we would like. Yet we all need some compassion and patience, especially when we are learning something new or when something is proving to be challenging for us. The person who is struggling with something doesn’t need to see an attitude or frustration; it just hinders their self-esteem. So, let’s all practice some of this humility and teach it to children. Also, be the example for the children you love and watch how this humility will naturally begin to translate into their life.


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