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  • Peggy D. Sideratos

Teach Kids to Be Their Personal Best as Opposed to Being The Best

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Hello everyone. I hope this week has started on a good note.

This week teach the children you love to strive to be their personal best and not worry about being “the best.” While we would all love to be “the best” in many different areas, that's not always possible. Even athletes who work and achieve amazing world records, eventually have their records broken by somebody else. While we can and should push ourselves to achieve greatness, we shouldn't focus on how our performance compares to anybody else. Runners in a race that only focus on the other athletes are liable to trip and fall. The same happens to the rest of us. We may be gifted in many areas, but no one is gifted in every area. Each of us is a unique puzzle piece. We are different by design, as are our fingerprints. Every piece is shaped differently, has different colors on it, and serves a purpose. If we focus on trying to become just like everybody else, the puzzle pieces will not come together. While we may not always see it, the true beauty of the picture is only possible when each piece stays true to its design and is interwoven with the others.


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