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Living Up to Expectations

Hello dear friend; I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

Today I want to approach the subject of expectations. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all trying to meet certain expectations. Some of them are expectations we put on ourselves and others are the expectations people have of us. Our family has expectations, our employers have them and so do our friends. While we would all like to meet everyone’s expectations, it’s not always possible - we’re human and sometimes we are just going to fall short.

By the way, this subject came to me today on the eve of the release of my books. I too am hoping that my books, The Light Giver & Other Stories to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children and The Light Giver Workbook, meet your expectations. And while I’d love to surpass your every expectation, I am certain that for some, I will fall short, and that’s okay. You see, I’ve learned that it’s impossible to please everyone or be exactly who others want me to be. I can only be the best me. It took me a long time to realize that my worth and value should not be tied exclusively to what others think of me. This is what we need to teach the children we love. While children need our reassurance and encouragement and we should provide them with both as much as possible, they also need to learn that even when they fall short of the expectations they’ve set for themselves or that we or others have for them, they will still be okay. They are still enough, and will still be loved just as they are, even when they disappoint us or fall short of our expectations. They need to know that their value and worth is not tied to being a perfect version of themselves, and neither, my friend, is yours.

To learn more about each book or to purchase them, click on the links below.

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