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Share Your Stories with Your Meal

Happy Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving for a bunch of reasons, but for my family, it is especially meaningful. My late father and his family emigrated to the United States from Greece in 1955 and arrived on Thanksgiving Day. After being picked up at the port, they were taken to his Aunt’s house where the table was bountifully set. Coming from very humble means, their reaction to this was, “You eat like this in America every day?”

Although my dad’s youngest sister is the only one still with us from the original six members who arrived that day, the stories of that day and the days that followed are still with us. They have been shared at our dinner tables over the years and have now been passed from one generation to another in our family. Every Thanksgiving we share stories of what came before and of where our family is today. We laugh, we tear up missing the ones who are no longer with us, and celebrate the new members who sit at our table.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share stories with loved ones, whether they are stories of struggles or triumphs, sad moments or happy ones. It’s a time for real connection, and the stories you share with children are the most precious gift you can give them. By giving them a glimpse of your journey, and how you have navigated both the good moments and the difficult ones, you open up a path for them to start sharing about their lives.

This Thanksgiving and always dear friend, may your table be blessed and bountiful, may you share it with people you love, and may you make memories that will be shared in the generations to come.

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