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  • Peggy D. Sideratos

Teach the children you love the difference between failing at something and being a failure.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Hello everybody. I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Here's this week's helpful tip:

Make sure you teach the children you love the difference between failing at something and being a failure. They don't always have the experience to recognize the difference. Kids come face to face with failure in different ways. For some it's not performing the way they wanted in school, or for a team, or perhaps they didn't reach a goal they had set for themselves. It is increasingly more difficult for them to cope with failure when they feel they disappointed others. As we begin to comfort them, it's vitally important to reassure them that failing is a normal part of the human experience and can teach us so much. For one thing, it teaches us humility. Failing at something can also teach children tenacity. They need to be taught that while occasionally failing at something is inevitable, what's more important is how we decide to move forward. We can feel sorry for ourselves or we can set out to try again with the knowledge our experience has given us. Failure does not define us...unless we give up trying.


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