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  • Peggy D. Sideratos

Teach the children you love the importance of "eye contact."

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Hi, everybody. I have been incredibly busy the past few days at a conference and haven't been able to connect with you. Here's this week's helpful tip:

Teach the children you love the importance of "eye contact." You'd be surprised that they don't inherently know about this. Make them look directly at people they are addressing or at the ones who are speaking to them. It's the way we show respect to one another and helps build their confidence to address people from a young age. It can also teach humility when they make a mistake and have to look into the person's eyes to apologize.

I noticed my students would avoid looking into the others' eyes out of shame or a reluctance to admit they were wrong. When I had them redo the apology and look into the others' eyes, it was different. There was a change in the tone of voice and body language because they came face to face with the other's soul and took responsibility for their action.

Don't forget to use this "eye contact" tip yourself when you address kids. When possible, especially when you or the child have something very important to discuss, bend down to their eye level. And if your knees or back are an issue, lean in to hear them. Help them know that they matter and that your conversation does too.


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