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  • Peggy D. Sideratos

Appreciating the Journey On the Way to the Destination

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Hello friends. I hope you had a reason to smile this week. It's graduation season, and as we celebrate these wonderful milestones, let us not forget about the journey that led the graduates there. The journey is a mix of hard work, sacrifice and lots of mundane, ordinary moments. It is the journey that teaches us about our determination, our strength, patience and perseverance. The journey is our day to day experiences - some wonderful and some unpleasant, unexpected challenges mixed with delightful surprises, moments of sorrow mingled with laugh out loud moments. But it's the journey that truly prepares us for life, and we need to learn to appreciate and enjoy these everyday moments as well as the highlights. It’s vital to teach children to find the beauty in their every day. So, instead of just asking children, “How was your day?” try asking these questions: “What moments brought a smile to your face today?” and “Did you have any challenging moments, and how did you get through them?” These questions will not only spark communication but will help children recognize the beauty in their everyday journey.


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