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The Light Giver Blog/Vlog!

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By: Teacher & Best Selling Author of
The Light Giver Stories Books

Peggy D. Sideratos


Simple Ways to Teach Kids Humility

THE MOST IMPORTANT Lesson to Teach Children
Enjoying the Journey on the Way to the Destination

Growing Your Gratitude Muscle

Easy Ways to Train & Encourage Kids to Practice Gratitude

What Does Your Suitcase Look Like?

Teaching Children How to Avoid Carrying Emotional Baggage Into Their Future

Are You a Potato, an Egg or Coffee? A Simple Story to Explain the Different Ways We Can Choose to Handle Adversity

The 4 Steps Children Need to Learn in Order to Apologize Sincerely and Take Responsibility for their Mistakes

Tips on How to Foster Independence in Children

Tips on Teaching Children the True Definition of Love

Restoring Hope to Children During Difficult Seasons

When Reality Doesn't Match Your Timeline:
Modeling Resilience for Kids

Seeing Through the Lens of Another
An easy way to explain perspectives to kids

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